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23rd DECEMBER, 2015

“From the start we have always had a back-up plan in place in case complaints or the project name comes into question by the public” explains the project creator Sean Alton. It was from this that the public to get recognition of this major project coming to the Hull College Group and most notably The Hull School of Art and Design. But this came at a cost, members of the public were concerned about the noose and the use of it in the branding/press photos. “Although we acknowledged that it was clear to adults that the posters represented a display at the 2016 Degree Show, we considered that the images could cause distress to young children, who were likely only to focus on the images and would not understand their meaning or that they were intended to be humorous.” Says Sean “the noose could be seen as a ‘threatening’ piece of PR, that means we have to change the project name and strip some of the branding away. Naturally we always had a trick or two up our sleeve”. From this we had the chance to redeem this project without any harsh changes with the brand or project, we changed the name from The Moose & The Noose and split the name in half for the sake of the separate projects. Now named ‘THE SELF INITIATED’ & ‘THE SECRET ELEMENT’, the brand can grow out there separate ways as The Secret Element starts it’s own PR but don’t worry that time will come… laughs Sean.

In response to the photos of Sean holding the noose, “we managed to avoid our very own ‘gallows’ with the reaction from the public. We were aloud to keep the images but censor the noose in every image that has the noose”. And to keep this in a gallows humor theme, a large banned label to make it a little ‘tongue in cheek’ to the public.












For further information please contact:
Sean Alton at The Hull School of Art & Design on 01482 329943 or




28th JUNE, 2015

With the summer just around the corner, this passes the one year to go mark for The Self Initiated and The Secret Element. No expense will be spared during the summer as The Self Initiated and The Secret Element will step up a gear with planning and developments of the project taking a forefront of this part of the season.
“A considerable amount of research and money has gone in to the secret element and the amount of secrecy surrounding this has set tongues wagging but this has started the word of mouth marketing that was planned from the very start”. Says project creator Sean Alton.
This is a project that will push the boundary’s at The Hull School of Art and Design as nothing like this has been done before hence the ‘University First’ PR tag. “The University First is just a cheap PR gag” laughs Sean, “I have seen my fair share of 6 art and Degree Shows with curating two shows under my belt, the 2016 Degree Show will be one of the greatest and will see a rise in visitor numbers and applications for the future of The Hull School of Art and Design”.

The 8 years under Hull College shows that this will be the last time to show what Sean can do and pull out all the stops if all goes to plan without any problems, but he hopes that the aggressive marketing will get people through those doors at the Queen’s Gardens site to view the secret element. Lined up first is the partnership between Sean Alton and Hull College PR department, then during this time Sean will be heading off down south to find the secret element in more detail.
“I will be visiting London to see the secret element in action and we are also in the process to find a company who can create the ‘secret element’ installation for the 2016 Degree Show.”
A meeting will be set up in September with the School of Art and Design’s Dean to discuss the non-disclosure agreement as this is for the secret element but not for the art installations named The Moose.
Also in the pipeline is the ‘theme’ of the not just our Degree Show but the whole building’s Degree Show, one plan is to create a brand or a Black Box concept that the tutors will take a ‘step back’ but as this is a competitive part of all Degree Shows this will be under wraps until we get clearance.

For further information please contact:
Sean Alton at The Hull School of Art & Design on 01482 329943 or




4th APRIL, 2015

After 18 months in the planning the project called The Self Initiated and The Secret Element is a two part project that THE SELF INITIATED is a love letter to the Hull College Group and will play a part in a number of art installations across all the sites but what it will contain is still under wraps until the installation are in place. THE SECRET ELEMENT is the University First which will be a secret up until the degree show in June 2016 but will be built up with strong PR, ‘word of mouth’ news and outside markerting materials, it will combine special video techniques to create the effects and will make the degree show come alive. Thus wishing to know the secret element must sign a confidentiality agreement so nothing can leak out. The University First was created to attract and inspire future students wishing to study at The Hull School of Art and Design. This will also be the last project under the rain of The Hull College Group after six years starting at the Hull College Park Street Centre in 2010 to the end at the Hull School of Art and Design in 2016, “As the theme of the project is black comedy and gallows humor, it is best to go out with a legacy and with a big bang for the second half.” Explained the project’s creator, Sean Alton.
“We hope we can inspire, attract and help create one of the greatest shows at the university and can be remembered for years to come”.

For further information please contact:
Sean Alton at The Hull School of Art & Design on 01482 329943 or


Note to Editors:

THE SELF INITIATED & THE SECRET ELEMENT is a two part project at the Hull College Group that will combine a ‘love letter’ to the Hull College Group and a University First at the 2016 degree show at the Hull School of Art and Design. This has been created to inspire, attract and reach out to future students wishing to study at the Hull School of Art and Design.
Sean Alton was branded a ‘Showman’. Due to his secret nature of his work, secret subliminal messages in work of around the Hull College Group, presentation skills, comedy writing, acting skills, inventing the ‘Altontation’, keeping his final major work a secret for the whole time, shock tactics, creating worlds firsts and using smells to enhance and excite the mind. He also does not take life too seriously by the style and approach of to poke fun at things that reflects in his creativity and design, he is a fan of black comedy and gallows humor, he wants to put to bed acting and talking like a robot while presenting in the big bad world we call the design industry.

Among Sean Alton’s work are  – Packaging design for Starpack 2011 and 2015, Blackpool Tower type and print collection 2011, Greeting cards for Tiger-print 2011, Christmas surface pattern for Tiger-print 2011, BBC Radio Humberside with Phil White 2012, Royal Mail stamp design 2012, Hull College Enterprise Gateway identity 2013, Secret Weapon 13 2013, Scented postcard collection 2013, Wax death mask 2013, Flight of stairs anamorphic illusion 2013, Hello my name is… Type piece 2014, Albert Hitchcock film poster for Ritzy Cinema 2014, Design for the worlds first soap themed bar (The Soap Bar) 2014, Design, PR and plan for the worlds first scare maze and bar (The Anton Asylum) 2014, Don’t panic pack 2014, The Summer of Photography 2014, HSAD visiting lecture posters 2014, Blackpool Comedy Carpet merchandise design 2014, Wardleys of York hamper collection identity and design 2014, No words necessary – Zeitgeist 2014, Starlight Express poster 2014, TALBOT type set 2014, Whistles Scents for YCN 2015.
All which are distinctive, challenging and innovative – and which have great inspiration for the future.

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