About Mr Alton


Did you know? Before changing my last name to Alton for the love of The Alton Towers Resort, other names in the running was Tussaud, Talbot, Bickerstaffe.

Born: 19th June 1994- Hedon Road Maternity Hospital, Kingston Upon Hull.

Education: Hedon Primary School 1999-2005.

South Holderness Technology College, Preston- Hull 2005-2010.

Hull College Queens Gardens, Foundation Diploma Catering 2009-2010.

Hull College School Of Art And Design Park Street, BTEC Level 2 Extended Diploma in Art and Design 2010-2011. BTEC Extended Diploma in Art and Design – Graphic Design Year 1-2  2011-2013.

Hull School Of Art And Design – BA (Hons) Graphic Design 2013-2016. Graduated with 2:1.

Field: Graphic Design, Creative Attraction Design, Attraction Show Design, Script Writing, Exhibition Design, Digital Art, Photography, Typography, Film, Marketing, Outdoor Events, Festivals, Large Scale Events, Quality Control, Anamorphic Illusions, Printmaking, Showman, Starbucks Lover, Passion for The Merlin Entertainments Group, Extremely Quirky, A Soft Spot for The Blackpool Tower.

Current Location: Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorkshire. Blackpool, Lancashire (from February 2017)

Previous Locations: Hedon, East Yorkshire.

Thinking that I was going to into catering after finishing 5 grueling years at South Holdernes Technology College in East Yorkshire, I was distracted by the art of photography. So in 2009 I set out to join a photography course at Hull College of Art and Design on Park Street, unfortunately the tutor was a bit ‘cocky’ to say that I could not join ‘his’ course. Not letting that beat me, I joined Btec Level 2 Art and Design at the same college that saw me build a skill in print, drawing, photography and graphic design.

It was then my Level 2 tutors (Sarah & Gemma) that pushed me in the direction to start Btec Level 3 extended diploma in Graphic Design. I moved onto becoming a student of Graphic Design at The Hull School of Art and Design on a BA Hons degree.

During my 3rd year at Park Street, I was branded a ‘Showman’. Due to my secret nature of my work, secret subliminal messages in work of around the college, presentation skills, acting skills, inventing the ‘Altontation’, keeping my final major work a secret for the whole time, shock tactics, going the extreme to achieve the best, making my work interactive, creating worlds firsts, making long marketing campaigns for my work and using smells to enhance and excite the mind.

Did you know? I do not travel around the city on public transport. You will see me traveling across Hull on an Urban Scooter, previewed at Freedom Festival 2016.

Part of the Graphic Design course for FE and HE, I had to present/pitch to clients and major employers. I used a calm and confident manner with some quirky humour to break the ice. I have presented to the CEO of Sonoco Trident with tremendous praise, Tiger-print, BBC Radio Humberside, One Vision Hull, CEO of Strawberry creative agency Hull, Project Director of Amy Johnson Festival. All above I have had the pleasure of working with. I would get a brief and think, how could I make this a Sean Alton piece. From a 40 page editorial about the Plague that even smells like the Pestilence. Invitations that you could eat, John Lewis window display in Oxford Street. To a talking head installation that was kept a secret for three years.

In my role as a Graphic Designer and Creative Consultant I would be given a brief and say “How shall we make this better” to make it truly spectacular from the shocking to the smelly…

I am also working with The Merlin Entertainments Group as a Creative Consultant but a lot of my work is secret at this time… might be a 8ft LEGO model and something with water at The Alton Towers Resort. But like I said, very secretive. I also written shows for The Dungeons in the UK and helped with Little Big City in Berlin.

Other roles that I do…

Hull 2017 City of Culture. 2016-
We have the rest of our life to do normal, so I was successful to become a 2017 pioneer volunteer, a 600 day role. While working with the Hull 2017 brand guidelines, we are the pioneer members that will check the to see if the volunteering program works. This includes: Acknowledge uniqueness of volunteering on 600 day arts programme. To be a part of the most inclusive mass participation volunteer programme in the city. Protocols and reporting procedures for each event. Give people the opportunity to see something new, unusual or exciting. Work in partnership. Embrace digital and technology. Look beyond 2017. Using my talent built up from 2015 Freedom Festival, I have used my funny and quick humour to introduce the public to Hull 2017 volunteering program. Also my top hat has become a part of my uniform! I have built up my experience working at different Hull 2017 events across the city.

•Community Roadshows.
•Selection Centres.
•What Does Hull Mean To You Filming. •Place des Anges.
•Spencer Tunick Sea of Hull.
•Hull Folk Festival.
•Da Vinci Engineered. (Amy Johnson Festival) •Humber Street Sesh Set dressing and disco. •Hull 2017 Volunteer Accreditation. •Subterranean Suburbia.
•Uniform Distribution.
•Hull 2017 Visitor Welcome and Information Point.
•Program Launch.
•Voices That Take You Places.
•HANA Fashion Show.
•Lead Volunteer.
•Hull Fair.
•Secret Filming.
•In With A Bang! Leader Ticketing.
•Made In Hull – Group Manager. •Back To Ours Press Launch. •Hull 2017 Concession Store.

Freedom Festival. 2015-
For the 2015 Freedom Festival I became a Freedom Maker (think of London 2012 games makers, but with a Sean Alton twist). A voluntary 4 day role and offered a number of sessions of guided learning as we prepared for Freedom 2015. The role that ended with a accredited training EVQ (Event Volunteering Qualification). My role was under the Freedom Street Team as a customer service worker, helping with the public’s questions with a funny twist that made me gain social media following as the Top-Hat man. This was a fast moving event that needed an energetic team, which I was one. This was the gateway to Hull 2017 City of Culture.
2016 Freedom Festival saw myself become a Freedom Ambassador, a much higher role than a Freedom Maker. I was kited out with a radio linking back to our volunteer hub, all access pass and my scooter as transport. My job as Brand, Communications and Information Co-ordinator was to over see the distribution of Freedom Festival guide and to make sure everyone had one! Also to look after 10+ Freedom Maker volunteers who was on shift. We was in constant contact with the events team incase we had a time change with a show or if any Freedom Makers had to be at a different location in the festival ground.

•Street Team.
•Customer Service.
•Customer Complaints.
•Site Preparation.
•Volunteer Briefing.
•Leaflet and Branding Distribution. •Radio Control. •Communications.
•Site Control.
•Volunteer Welfare.
•Volunteer Deployment. •Volunteer Training.
•Les Commandos Percu
•As The World Tipped.
•The Spurting Man.


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