Hull School of Art and Design Profile and Window Photography.

My idea was to make our degree show a secret that at 6:00pm on the opening night, would be the first time that anyone would see what splendour we had on display. Other years the windows in the studio have been exposed so people would see inside and they could see the pin up of the work. I made sure this year that all pin ups was withheld until the windows were covered up. But what could we use to cover the windows and make sure it hides the amazing work inside? Simple US! I photographed all the Grpahic Design students including myself. In most years the background is always white, this year I wanted to change this and set a new standard in that way the photos are taken. Also I wanted to leave behind a legacy after 6 years under Hull College, but that is just me. The photos taken have been edited and airbrushed with a dark and exposed theme, I highlighted the students details using the clarity tool in Photoshop. This collection was well received and commended from people who visited the 2016 degree show. By coincidence the window photos became life sized prints, so it was nice to see other students standing side by side next to the immortalized images of themselves.


Profile Photos Profile Photos2 Window Photos Window Photos2 Window Photos3 Window Photos4


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