Announcement of a ‘University First’ In 2016.

IMG_0942 redone

Today I went to a secret location on the banks of the river Hull in order to keep the secret element under wraps, it was to test the showstopper piece that people will see in two years time at the degree show at the Hull School of Art and Design. The project called ‘Hidden Moose’ – to tie in with the self-initiated work will combine special video techniques to create the effects for the university first and will make the show come alive. Here is a photo of me getting a preview of the test piece that the moving image are projected on the secret element. Founder of Lady Tracy Art and Design Co. Ms T. Norris said, “The projection and the secret element create the perfect optical illusion, something you would never get in a museum or an art gallery. We can not wait until 2016 to show the public what we have come up with for the 2016 degree show.”

“We hope we can inspire, attract and help create one of the greatest shows at the university and can be remembered for years to come” So watch this space… We still have 2 years to get it right.


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